A platform for learning and knowledge training in a game format

It simplifies knowledge acquisition and review on various topics using battles with an opponent and competition between players.

Instant implementation
There is no need to download anything, because everything is cloud-operated
Instant implementation
Motivation and involvement
Players compete to win prizes on various topics
Motivation and involvement
Ready-made content
Soft Skills, Security, QA work
Ready-made content
Learner progress assessment and general statistics

Training programs in a quest format

  • We motivate and involve: a learner receives not only a training program, but also a real Quest with a task list: training modules, quiz battles on topics studied and useful additional materials.
Training programs in a quest format
Use ready-made quests and create your own.
Add courses, links to materials and set study challenges. Create your own content and question sets.

Multi-user mode

Multi-user mode
  • Players challenge each other to a duel and using a quiz battle format, test their knowledge on any topiс.
Easy download and question renewal
Create your own question databases, divide them by topic, set time limits and train your employees.

Achievement collection

  • After completion of your first course, and placing first in quiz battles, those achievements will be saved in the collection to motivate the learner to reach even higher game goals, meaning even more engagement in a training process.
Achievement collection

Universal tool

Cloud-based solution and multiplatform support.
There is no need to download anything, the platform works online in any browser.
Open API
Any system integration possibility (LMS, CRM, corporate portal).

Result tracking and analytics

Result tracking and analytics
  • Dashboards for supervisors and HR: evaluate training events effectiveness, correct and perfect the training.

Usage scenarios

Supervisor and employee onboarding
  • Create the onboarding path to a new position or workplace.
  • Motivate newcomers through game mechanics.
Soft Skills development
  • Obtain and actualize flexible skills knowledge through ready-made courses.
  • Consolidate it in quiz battles with coworkers.
Employee training
  • Choose ready-made training programs and embed them in your own learning content.
  • Upload your own courses and create new training programs.
  • Track employee progress and achievements, improve training programs.
Company content consolidation
  • Organize tournaments and themed events.
  • Encourage your employees to work on new product and service features and remember them using a game format.
  • Identify the best learners using analytics.
Add an interactive element to events
  • Launch conference themed quizzes to prepare attendees and build up some interest before the event.
  • At recess, offer themed quizzes to the guests.
  • Assess performance level after the event.



Nikolay Kharin
Quick onboarding for salespeople is extremely important to us. They should know the terminology, product features and advantages well. They should also know how to deal with rejection. We aren’t familiar with the overall quest functionality completely, but we are planning on using it for communication skills training, complex negotiations and other Soft Skills.
Yuliya Varenova
HR manager, Arvato Rus LLC
Dear colleagues, thank you for course updates! The courses have become more interesting and up to date. We have a request to expand the assessment scale in the first test of “Stress Management” course (when choosing the first two tests it was on the left) from 4 to 5 answers and add “sometimes” as a choice. Two participants mentioned this when taking the course.
Maya Lapukhina
A nice balance between design and content delivery. The study content is focused, full of lifehacks and very straightforward. Efficient content, methodology and visual approach. We plan on developing employee training program based on “Mentorship” course.
Egor Semenikhin
Box Battle is a perfect fit for sales events as it unites the competitive spirit and the chance to showcase your knowledge. On a side note, I’d like to remark on prompt client response from the development team.
Artur Mazloev
Participant involvement is essential to any event. It has become a problem nowadays when the absolute majority of the events are held online. Box Battle helps us keep conference and training events’ participants on their toes, it allows for participant activity evaluation and shows us which topics attract the most interest.
Ivan Tarakanov
I can only speak of Box Battle in a positive light. When using this platform, I got to know an extremely responsive and involved team. I also noticed that game user experiences have a short learning curve, which is user-friendly. Overall, the gamification of educational programs is the latest and, most importantly, very effective trend. I think, it will be a must-have for every company in the future.
Elena Tsvetkova
Federal manager, Astellas Pharma Inc
The best training over the recent years!
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Leontiev Valery
founder, CEO
Belov Sergey
commercial director
Ryabinin Alexander
head of product
Goryachikh Alexander
game designer
Zavarina Ekaterina
leading instructional designer
Sorokina Daria
project manager
Belova Yulia
head of project management
Ogloblin Andrey
project manager
Kozyrev Denis
lead developer
Konorov Dmitry
Syrchin Igor
Shipilovskaya Sofia
Dolinin Alexey
iOS developer
Emelicheva Oksana
back-end developer
Shumikhin Igor
front-end developer
Petrov Alexey
systems analyst
Yushmanova Elena
leading analyst
Kashin Sergey
Brauns Ulyana
support specialist
Razumov Nikita
support specialist
Petushkov Anatoly
senior e-learning developer
Marina Gotovtseva
e-learning developer
Smirnova Anna
instructional designer
Konorova Marina
creative director
Sakhnova Elena
internet marketer
Kosulnikov Mikhail
instructional designer
Kolchina Anna
e-learning developer
Volegov Denis
back-end developer